Reporter readers react to Chick-fil-A CEO's same-sex marriage stance


  1. On a day dubbed Chick-fil-A "Appreciation Day," The Reporter asked readers if the company, whose CEO recently took a stance against same-sex marriage in Baptist Press article, should be vilified.
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  3. Readers react:

  4. People have the right to buy (or boycott) what they wish. Personally, I prefer Popeye's. Better chicken.
  5. If he came out against interracial marriage would people support him?
  6. I don't agree with him but he is entitled to his opinion. The people who started the boycott are almost as idiotic. Boycott = free advertising. They'll probably have an all time high in sales today. Way to go.
  7. No. It's not a company stance, it's the president's stance. It's his belief, and it's a shame that some people cant accept it for what it is.
  8. can't wait for some other non issue to make headlines so we can move ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. its one hell of a way to get business
  10. I hope Dan Cathy gets sued for discrimination from one of his gay employee's. On the other hand I could go for a chicken sandwich and it doesn't mean I support him and his judgemental beliefs, it just means I like chicken. God will judge, No One else should, unless you don't believe in God, and then what do you care.
  11. Never ate Chick Filet before ( except when young, enjoyed lemonade and carrot salad.) don't plan on eating it now. It's a lousy chicken sandwich, bread on bread, that you can't get on Sunday. There may be those that are eating it due to freedom of speech, but now I fear if I ate it I would be sitting next to a homophobe. Besides it always ticked me off that I couldn't get food in Plymouth mall on Sundays when I was young anyway.
  12. The kissing protest reminds me of 69 all over again...lets say Peace and love now lets have a orgy,lmao, crazyyyy