Parents block children's book author from speaking at A.M. Kulp due to Muslim faith


  1. "Children’s book author Lisa Abdelsalam was all set to visit A.M. Kulp Elementary School in Hatfield this month to discuss the writing and publishing process, when some parents complained about her planned talks.

    “The Friday before I was supposed to go, the principal called me and said several parents complained that they did not want to have a Muslim book read in the school,” she said. “He tried to explain to them that it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. The bulk of the visit was me explaining how I wrote and published the story.” Read more.
  2. A Look Inside offers a "Look Inside," otherwise known as a preview of the first pages of the children's book.
  3. Readers began sending comments to The Reporter both against and in favor of blocking Abdelsalam from speaking at A.M. Kulp.

    In favor of allowing Abdelsalam to speak at A.M. Kulp:

    Mike Greco Of course they should have been able to speak. Shame on those ignorant parents. Part of what should be taught to our children as part of the curriculum is an understanding of other cultures and beliefs. My child goes to another elementary school in the district and I would be proud to have this author come to her school.
  4. Michael Cardamone Ridiculous. Of course she should be permitted. We live in a diverse world.
  5. Christine Criscuolo Brennan North Penn is extremely doverse. Does not make sense. I went to school there and that is where I learned of all holidays...not just Xmas

    hatfieldresident Well isn't that a heart warming story about tolerance and acceptance during the holiday season! Kudos to the handful of parents that protected their children AND EVERYONE ELSE'S from a women who is an active contributor to the community and the school district.
  6. Val Acosta Mehta This is just sad. Appalling and sad. Oi vey North Penn parents, really????
  7. Not in favor of allowing Abdelsalam to speak at A.M. Kulp:

    I'm all about diversity and my kids learning about other cultures... but our kids were told they weren't allowed to say "Merry Christmas," they had to use the term "Happy Holidays" to include everyone. So if in the spirit of diversity you are going to make the American kids supress their own culture, then you can expect these kind of complaints from us parents. There is a double standard when it comes to learning "diversity" and it needs to stop.
  8. FreedomCzar Frankly, I'm not all that sympathetic to complaints of discrimination by Muslims, given the truth about their "religion"'s attitude toward non-believers and their treatment of non-Muslims around the world. At least she wasn't treated like a Jew in Saudi Arabia. THEN she'd have something to complain about.
  9. Rose Betz-Durkin Although I do agree with diversity, the Christian faith is being surpressed more and more. My kids are to say Happy Holidays to include everyone in school, not Merry Christmas, yet we are Catholic. It is sad that this is what the world is coming to, but fair is fair for ALL religions.