5 comments from Montgomery, Bucks women about Pennsylvania's mandatory ultrasound bill

In response to The Reporter's story about Pennsylvania's bill to require women to have a mandatory ultrasound when seeking an abortion, Montco and Bucksco women took to Facebook to express their opinions about the bill.


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  2. 1. Andrea Collis: Most of the time when you have an ultrasound within the window of time where it's possible to have an abortion, you have to have a transvaginal ultrasound. I take issue with the government forcing penetration on a woman. Sounds like goverment-mandated rape to me.
  3. 2. Monica Thompson Fragale: When is the government going to start mandating when men can get vasectomies or Viagra? I think the bill is ridiculously insulting.
  4. 3. Ginny Bailey: This bill operates under the guise that women aren't smart enough to understand their own bodies and is just another cruel, demeaning attack on women.
  5. 4. Jayne Potcner Wicklund: wasn't it the Republicans/Teapublicans that stated (screamed) that the goverment can't force americans to buy health insurance and also screamed about birth control being not manadated by the government?Forcing a medical procedure on somebody seems odious if you ask me. More right wing hypocrisy.
  6. 5. Kelly Kornberger Jozefowski: Politics have no business in my uterus. This is sick!