Has 'time stood still' in South Carolina?

Former Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines performed at the Southern Ground Festival Saturday night but later tweeted that time has stood still since the Dixie Chicks performed amidst controversy in Greenville, SC 10 years ago. Have things changed since then?


  1. I was there...the crowd was polite but not enthused by her performance. She has a wonderful vocal talent but her songs were terrible and did nothing to showcase her ability. Further, she made a point to take a dig at her past issues with the state and came off as a bitter woman. Sorry we weren't entertained.
  2. She said last night she still was not ready to make nice...She is a has been...nice voice but no personality. Everyone was ready for Zac Brown last night. He should have had a better act in front of him like some of the other awesome musicians that performed yesterday.
  3. I guess our money doesn't bother her though
  4. She put on a hell of a show last night!
  5. SHE slammed our town pretty good on twitter after the show. Maybe if she kept her mouth shut once in a while she be far better off
  6. NO, they were spot on with their comments! We WERE angry, though, at how they were ostracized for speaking the truth! We LOVE the Dixie Chicks much more for having done that!!!
  7. Boy oh boy the liberals are still at it !!! Damn it had been Hank saying something about Obama then there would be hell to pay !! They made the country music stars look bad !!!!
  8. Charlie Daniels and other country stars have had plenty to say about Obama and there hasn't been "hell to pay" Michael A. Singletary