Best Screenshot/Screen Capture App for Android Mobile Device


  1. If you are looking for Applications (Apps) which can take and save Screenshot/Capture ANY Screen of your Android powered Mobile Device, than this post has got the best Screenshot/Screen Capturing Apps Suggestion for you.

    The Applications (Apps) we are going to see here doesn’t require any root/hack and can even take Screenshots just by shaking your Android Device (Make Use of Shake Sensitivity)!

    Screen Capture Shortcut FREE
    The Free Version App allows you to take screenshot/capture any screen from ANYWHERE, where default Android Notification Bar is displayed:

    The application always resides in the phone notification bar/status bar (runs in the background). In order to use this App, all you need is to drag down the notification bar, click on Screen Capture Shortcut and the Application will take High Quality Screenshot of your current screen as soon as the Capture delay time is over (You can set the Capture Delay Time from the Settings Page of this App):

    Following are the Screenshots which are taken using Screen Capture Shortcut FREE (Click to Enlarge):
    Screen Capture Shortcut PAID
    The Paid version allows you to take Screenshot/Capture ANY Screen just by shaking your Android Mobile Device (Makes use of Shake Sensitivity) – Other features remains same.
    The PAID version of Screen Capture Shortcut allows you to take and save screenshots even when you are playing a game OR running an application which disables the Default Android Notification Bar and runs in full screen mode.
    This is the main advantage of this application, as it runs in the background and as soon as you shake the device, your current screen will be captured instantly. Following are the in-game Screenshots taken using the Paid version of Screen Capture Shortcut Application (Click to Enlarge):
    You can see the Default Android Notification Bar has been disable by these Apps/Game, and here Shake Sensitivity of your Android powered Mobile Device comes into play for taking the Screenshots!
    No root Screenshot It PAID
    No root Screenshot It is another Great Screen Capture App which allows you to take Screenshots of your current Screen either manually (from the Notification Bar/Status Bar) or just by shaking your device. The main features of this application as as follows:
    Allows you to save the Screenshot image either in JPEG or PNG Format
    Instant Sharing on various Social Network Sites, via Email etc.
    Allows you to crop Screenshots, so that you can rule out the unnecessary part in the mobile phone itself – This means NO transfers and editing/cropping on a Computer
    Supports Annotations and Drawing on Image Files
    Runs from default Android Notification Bar/Status Bar
    Instant Screen Capture just by shaking the device (make use of Shake Sensitivity)
    Delay timer for Screenshot
    Save to a Custom Directory
    The application requires you to download and install a free desktop application on your Windows or Mac OS based Computer. Once installed, you are required to run the desktop application with your phone attached to the computer. This will instantly enable screenshots on your phone.
    Once you’ve done this, you can disconnect your phone and take screenshots whenever you want. However, every time you restart your phone, you’ll have to connect it to your computer and run the desktop application again!
    For people who restarts their phone very frequently may find this application annoying/inconvenient, but this App works like a charm
    While writing this post, there’s NO trial/free version of this App available, you have to directly buy from Android Market either via your Mobile or using a Computer.
    If your phone is already rooted, than you can try out and which are great Screen Capturing Apps from the same publisher
    Above 2 Screenshot Apps works great on all/specific Android Devices where there’s NO Root Access. If you know more/better Apps feel free to comment below
    Important Notes:
    You should add these Apps in the Exclude List of Any Auto Task Killer OR Anti-Virus Program, else these apps may not work
    Screen Capture Shortcut FREE and PAID works great on Samsung Galaxy S (I9000), Samsung Galaxy S Plus(I9001), Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II/I9100) and Samsung Galaxy Tab (P1000), while writing this post
    No Root Screenshot works on ALL Android devices and OS version, except Honeycomb, while writing this post