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Geeks on a Train to Philadelphia

On Nov. 16, 2012, a group of Baltimore entrepreneurs, coders, designers, innovators, and other tech community enthusiasts got a first-hand look at Philadelphia's tech scene. These are their stories...


  1. Our friends at Technically Philly and city Chief Digital Officer Mark Headd were outstanding hosts during this intense day of tours, demos, and discussion...
  2. Check out the detailed itinerary at our event page:
  3. See how Technically Philly covered the run-up to the event
  4. We also previewed the trip in an episode of Baltimore Weekly with Brian James Kirk 
  5. Baltimore Weekly 26: Charm City geeks take a train to Philadelphia
  6. En route to Philly #geeksonatrain
    En route to Philly #geeksonatrain
  7. And here's the great story that Zach Seward filed based on these interviews...
  8. Our first stop was the University City Science Center, which offers space and support for start-up and established companies. We checked out the Quorum space and program: