Niger Delta Development Forum 2017 (#NDDF2017)

The 2016 edition of the NDDF recognized that development is a complex and multi-disciplinary process, and as a critical step in articulating a way forward for the region, sought to create a re-imagined new Niger Delta with a changed narrative. Three key recommendations from the NDDF 2016 argued the Niger Delta needs more of a bottom-up approach with strong linkages with community benefits system of governance that empowers them and assists them in evolving [to the changing times]. Such a model will depend on shared opportunities and inclusive growth that materially improves the livelihoods of the people and institutions [of the Niger Delta] while the role of regional intervention bodies should focus on how to consolidate the work of member states, instead of simply replicating them.


  1. This storify is a class example to teach MSDF how storify is done. It will compile the best contents from the just concluded NDDF held in Uyo
  2. Ondo state delegates work session