Hacking the NCTE Conference #ncte14 #hackjam

Hacking our Stories: The Landscape of the Hackjam Session G.37


  1. The session began with Invitations to Hack (aka Missions):
  2. Exhibit Hall Remix: grab as much free stuff from the exhibit hall as you can, run back, and remix it into a new banner for the conference
    Flash Poetry Reading: converge on conference spaces to recite your own or others' poetry, post video on Vine
    Window as Writing Space: using wikisticks, find all the windows, mirrors, and glass and "write" messages on them
    Re-Picture Book: remix picture books into something new
    Hacking the NCTE Website: using Mozilla Webmaker X-Ray Goggle, re-mix/re-write the NCTE conference website
  3. Or, being hackers of course, Choose Your Own Adventure.
  4. The results: