Some Amazing Benefits of Attachment Parenting


  1. There are some quite good reasons attachment parenting should be preferred over the artificial care that we give to babies by hiring babysitters. So, some of those benefits are mentioned as under.
  2. Mutual giving

  3. Attachment parenting is not all about giving the baby and asking nothing in return. As a matter of fact, this method is all about give and take. You provide baby with care and love he requires and he gives back the smile and serious gaze in your eyes after which you can definitely feel your parenting efforts paying off. It is definitely wonderful sensation for the mothers that their babies feel comfortable and remain happy when they hold them.
  4. • Attachment parenting lets the mothers enjoy company of their babies because babies tend to smile back when they are paid attention.
    • One thing worth remembering here is that babies take active part in shaping the way mother carries on with parenting. It happens especially during the breastfeeding. The breastfeeding allows baby to have some chemical boost inside him and, at the same time, mother also develops more of a chemical bond towards the baby. This process enables the release of a special hormone, prolactin, which can specifically be associated with the reshaping of motherly attitude towards the baby.
    • Mutual giving also involves peaceful parenting. When you get to enjoy almost everything associated with your baby, you become a peaceful parent. As a matter of fact, this peaceful parenting teaches you to be a peaceful person on the whole.
  5. Mutual shaping

  6. This is the matter of noticing that a person never remains the same after becoming a parent. And people want this change for the good. Good news is that this positive change can be brought into you by your baby. The signs of this shaping become evident when you and your baby learn to talk to each other. When you learn to respond to the calls by your baby, you tend to understand the message behind every cry and smile of your baby. Then your baby learns to walk, talk and follow your leads. This is how your child tends to get into the shape you want him to get into.
  7. The sensitivity

  8. The mother tends to be there for the baby when he is in a need or struggling about something. This doesn’t remain one-sided affair because baby learns about helping quite sooner then we might expect. This is what we can call mutual sensitivity. Although the baby might not be able to walk properly, you will feel that he is trying to say you, “It’s OK, I love you, I would help you if I could” by looking at you in a particular way.
  9. Improvement in baby’s behavior

  10. This one is pretty obvious. Attached baby doesn’t cry like other babies whose moms are not there for them due to any reason. The main reason is that the baby feels right; that’s why he acts right. The baby who is attached feels connected and safe.
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