1. At a panel discussion on voter ID at the Fels Institute for Government, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Carol Aichele noted the state had awarded a contract to develop a voter ID community outreach and voter education plan. She did not identify the vendor.

  2. So I did a search. Much to my shock and disbelief, the $250,000 contract was awarded to the Bravo Group, which was founded by a former executive director of the state Republican Party and a Mitt Romney fundraiser.

  3. The contract was awarded under an expedited procurement process.

  4. I immediately started tweeting about this blatant conflict of interest.

  5. Daniel Denvir of Philadelphia City Paper jumped on the story.

  6. I also blogged about this in-your-face voter suppression by voter ID scheme.

  7. The story was picked up by other journalists.

  8. Occupy Harrisburg has become part of the story. Occupiers uploaded the Bravo Group’s proposed PSAs to YouTube.

  9. Real Voter ID video that says Voter ID is a civil rights issue
  10. Smiling people love having their vote suppressed.
  11. The Bravo Group wants the videos taken down, citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.