#genchat: Researching Newspapers

The #genchat topic for 22 Feb 2013 was "Researching Newspapers." People were offering fantastic sources throughout our hour discussion! Although you will find some under Q1, most links to regional websites are listed at the very bottom of this summary.


  1. Yes, there is! Each week, one of the hosts will create a Facebook event reminding everybody of the chat. So, if you are on Facebook, follow Corn & Cotton Genealogy, Finding Our Ancestors or Ancestral Journeys (or all three!) to get the latest updates, news and other tid bits for #genchat

  2. It was great to see a couple folks contribute to the chat, even though they weren't able to be online with us during the designated time. You'll see a couple of those tweets throughout the conversation. 
  3. Q1: What is your favorite newspaper website to research with?