#genchat: Oral Histories & Interviews

We were very excited to be bringing you the first #genchat with a guest, Susan Kitchens (@susankitchens and @gotstory). The topic was wonderful, the conversation was fast & furious, and everybody walked away with some amazing ideas.


  1. You will find all of Susan's information and more material to learn from, on her website, "Family Oral History Using Digital Tools."
  2. Right off, we were trying to convince this young lady that #genealogy is worth her time...
  3. Questions were informal, but we did start with a couple designed to get people talking.... 
    Q1: Who has conducted interviews before? 
    And, if you haven't, why not? What's holding you back? 
  4. Throughout the conversation, I was able to post a variety of links to blog posts, YouTube videos, and other links that might be helpful for those just getting started in preserving their Oral History and conducting interviews! 
  5. Link 1