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The Global You Manifesto: a syndication story

Syndication is a process of not just distributing your work through different channels, but also letting the process of sharing and reformatting over time transform that work. To show how I think that can work, here's the syndication story of the Global You Manifesto.


  1. In the SUM-it UP program, we ask participants to brainstorm ways to use their content in their web platform, and in particular, brainstorm how many ways they can use one piece of content. At GlobalNiche, we see syndication as a process of not just distributing your work through different channels, but also letting the process transform that work. It's about developing your content and honing your material, while sharing it through your web platform and engaging people. *Polishing your ideas in public*.

  2. I wanted to share GlobalNiche thinking in a new way. Not just blocks and blocks of text that no one reads, but through graphical images that are easy to understand, or intriguing enough to study for a few minutes. So I started by making one-page, graphic mini-manifestos of GlobalNiche thinking with Keynote and pinning it to the GlobalNiche group board #myglobalniche where people share what their global niche looks like. The mini-manifesto is what my global niche looks like since helping others make their global niche is *my* particular global niche!
  3. But there was more I wanted to share, so I decided to put all the concepts on one Keynote slide. My GlobalNiche partner Tara Agacayak and I posted the manifesto at with a "social share" page from Premise which asks viewers to share on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest before they can access the content. Then we also tweeted about it and shared it at services like Facebook and Pinterest.
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  5. When people tweeted the manifesto from the GlobalNiche site, I favorited the tweets and retweeted later.
  6. I made a slideshow explaining how GlobalNiche thinking applies to your life and added the eye-catching manifesto to the cover. I posted it at It got more than 2,000 views in the first month. I tweeted about the slideshow and posted about it on Facebook, LinkedIn, and G+.
  7. I embedded the SlideShare slideshow in my blog at various networks I blog to, like these at Project Eve for women entrepreneurs, and Seth Godin's Triiibes for leaders.
  8. The slideshow also now appears on the "About" page, so if you're interested in finding out more about what we're thinking you can flip through the entire slideshow in a minute.