1. On the evening of the 28th of February, the MCR Global Health Society held an open discussion, led by two speakers, Alexander Pepper, PhD student and political theorist, and Dr. Dhammika Perera, Global Medical Director for Marie Stopes International, and chaired by Professor Mukesh Kapila CBE, Professor of Global Health and Humanitarian Affairs. The discussion was timely in light of the reinstatement of the global gag law by the United States, and aimed to bring people together to re-think some of the important questions that remain unanswerd, at its heart.
  2. We live-tweeted the event, and bring to you some of the key questions raised during the debate. Tweets were not endorsements, but aimed to reflect the liveliness of the debate and complex nature of the issue.
  3. The event began with words from Professor Mukesh Kapila.
  4. Alexandra Pepper then began speaking, drawing comparisons to bring out some of the flaws in the arguments resting at either end of the debate, highlighting the necessity of finding valid justifications for our intuitions.
  5. One audience member, however, suggested that such comparisons might be unhelpful.
  6. Dr. Dhammika Perera then came to the fore, and brought to the discussion some of his experiences as a medical doctor and then Director of Marie Stopes International, bringing the issue to a real-life context.
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