Jordanhill Library's Last Day

Jordanhill Library closed on Friday, 1st June and merged with the University of Strathclyde's Andersonian Library


  1. "We all tried to make it the best, customer centred library ever." (Margaret Harrison, former Jordanhill Librarian). So how did we do? Pretty well, according to Donald Christie, Head of the School of Education, who said ".....I only regret that I have not taken the opportunity more often to show due appreciation for what you and your colleagues do and have done for many years in making Jordanhill Library, I would argue, the best Education Library in the country. The professionalism and personal commitment of the Library Staff over the years has been absolutely outstanding." Not so bad either, according to our Twitter feed. We've been counting down for a while and chronicling progress towards closure on a Pinterest board:
  2. I tweeted when we entered our last week and attracted a small flurry of appreciative replies:
  3. A few historical items went onto Twitter as well as onto the Pinterest board:
  4. Then it was nearly our last day! We planned a cake-fest and had lots of souvenirs to give away.
  5. The last day dawned and more supportive messages:
  6. And we're off! Cake all round.