Final days of Malaysia's #GE13

Malaysia is in the final days of an historic election campaign, in what's being described as the country's first social media election.

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  1. Time to elect. Lay down d facts. Choose wisely. Think of d future. Your kids future #ge13 #malaysiavotes #yaytomay
  2. A cup of tea with Anwar Ibrahim ahead of an interview for Lateline and Australia Network.
  3. THE DAP, party of the Opposition PKR, launched a video of “Ubah Rocket Style”, based on 'Gangnam Style'
  4. UBAH Rocket Style (Malaysian Gangnam Parody) English Version
  5. MCA, part of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, also saw one of its videos go viral
  6. Program Turun Padang Bertemu Rakyat
  7. Saya pilih mengundi. Anda bila lagi? #pru13 #ge13 #
  8. Adik ni gembira bila dapat gambar DS @najib_razak. Dia kata PM ni Datuk dia. #BetterNation #GE13 #VoteBN
  9. Was at Putrajaya yesterday on a hot afternoon to listen to Husam Musa and Anwar Ibrahim speak. Huge crowd. Huge hopes. Praying for a smooth transition of power #ge13
  10. Message from girl in Melbourne: 我支持两线制。五月五,换政府!我爱马来西亚,不过抱歉,我不爱巫统。Ini kalilah; UBAH! #malaysia #GE13 #ubah #yellow #5513 #potd
  11. Oh GoD! Today got Ceramah @ Kluang too! Here I come and bought this UBAH shirt! Drop by and come down to Kluang now. :)