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Australia Votes 2013

Social media has played a large role in the Australian election, with voters and correspondents everywhere contributing their thoughts. Australia Network and Radio Australia have been monitoring Australian and other opinion makers from across the world.


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  2. Facebook users in Papua New Guinea are pondering the asylum seekers policies of Australia's new government:
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  4. The Manus processing center won't be shut down as yet. However, within the next three years, the Prime Minister elect, in his speech said to stop competely from boat people coming into the country. And Mr Tony Abbot said the foreign aid will be slashed down to the lowest possible number. What does this mean for PNG? Can PNG manage on it's own?
  5. And in Fiji...
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  7. Best said by Tania Plibersek was " we (labour) gets 9 out of 10 for governing the country ..and 0 out of 10 for governing ourselves" ... sums up perfectly the Labour party's last term in office....shameful, but plz hang in there Tania :).
  8. Huge threat to Australian biodiversity, forests, marine environments etc. Huge loss of international respect as we become the only country in the world to remove a carbon price! I am embarrassed to see who is going to represent my country. As for Asia, the new government won't be interested unless we can sell you something!
  9. Congratulation... Eventually you are successful... Cheer
  10. Climate change denier, anti-marriage equality, anti-intellectual. Australia is headed for a new era of meanness devoid of compassion or generosity of spirit or action.
  11. I don't care who become Prime Minister as long as first thing is to stop the illegal boat arrivals. Then Limit and cut down refugee in take. Benefit low income earners. Accepting illegal arrivals and hand over everything in a silver platter, this feels like a BIG slap on our face who came to Australia from the front door. And still there are thousands if skilled migrants on waiting list. Is this a fair deal ?Hope Mr Abbott will change this.
  12. Facebook comments from Cambodia via Radio Australia's Khmer service

    Koko Jean François: "I wish the new PM would help increase the number of Endeavor Scholarship applicants from Cambodia more better than previous year."

    Channea Tom: "Mr Albott will cut foreign aid to Cambodia, and it will definitely affect the VULNERABLE people in Cambodia. Mr Albott will have a strange position towards the situation in Syria, he said 'the Asad government and opposition are all wrong-doers or criminal'."

    Question from Hanoi, Vietnam via Radio Australia's Vietnamese service

    Nguyen Milano on Facebook: "What is new PM's attitude with Vietnam and Australian-Vietnamese?"