1. Congratulations to Mr. Kevin!
  2. I feel said for her, the private media attacked her about every little thing, she's only human
  3. Who ever ,political stability very important part of the country.
  4. Politics in Australia is all about the numbers. Unfortunately it is never about the people.
  5. Change is returning after it was brushed aside 3 years ago.
  6. Translated from Weibo

    "very soon, a new statesman of a foreign country will be born. He happens to have a weibo account..." by Rui Jie Ka Yu (瑞杰卡鱼

    "an (open) political contest means being civilised."  by Yu Mu Lin Zi (榆木林子)

    "Until Now, I still don't understand this type of politics...bloodless and non-imprisonment (of opponents) " by Tie Ren Lao Bei (铁人老贝)

    "Cheers Mate" - by Kao Ya Zhong De EVERGRANDE (烤鸭中的EVERGRANDE)