The Fiverr Arbitrage Guide


  1. Fiverr arbitrage is all about buying low and sellinghigh at the same time. At first you will have to have accounts on both sites.That is a Fiverr account and an SEO Clerks or MicroWorker account. This isquite easy as all you need is to sign up for an account with them. This is easyas it is all free and it takes only a few minutes of your time. The Microworker accounts that you create can be more than one to increase the chances ofyou being able to find numerous and a wide range of services that are on offer.

    You then need to look for services that are soldcheaply in these MicroWorker sites. SEO Clerks is your best option if you are astarter. This is due to the many cheap services that you can get there. Lookfor services that go for about $1 and $2. The least amount you can sell for onFiver is $5 and this makes it easy to resell the services that go for $2 onother sites in the end making you money on Fiverr arbitrage. Fiverr may not getyou services that you can resell on other sites due to their minimum amount.

    Inselecting the services for a Fiverr arbitrage, you need to ensure that they arecredible. Look for those that have a good rating and reviews and those that aresure to deliver on time. The service needs to also be one that delivers a lotfor $2 and will thus make it worth selling for $5 on Fiverr. Make sure you savethe website and all details as you may use them regularly.

    You can double the price of the service or evenincrease the price by about 50% since we are not doing any work at all. Do notresell a service in the same site that you found it on as it will not sellsince the original service is listed there for a cheaper price and with morereviews. You can make your listing to be quite catchy in order to attractbuyers. You may use the original description given by the original seller orwrite a new one of your own for your Fiverr arbitrage gig. The time of deliveryhowever needs to be extended for a day or two however depending on the servicegiven. This will enable you to have a bit of time to get the order from onewebsite and order for it on the other. Once that is done all you need to do iswait for the orders to start flowing.

    PS: In our next Fiverr Arbitrage update,we’ll be covering how to get leads from Craigslist and sell the $5 or $1 gigsfor $100-$200 each!

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