Branded Content: We're All Publishers Now

On Christmas Eve, we got the word, our proposed panel was accepted for SXSW's Interactive Festival. We went through a couple of panel changes between acceptance and presentation, but in the end, it was awesome. This is our story.


  1. #zakwaterstourupdate #austin #stateside #iphoneography #iphone4 #texas #tour #sxsw
    #zakwaterstourupdate #austin #stateside #iphoneography #iphone4 #texas #tour #sxsw
  2. We had an awesome panel:
  3. Lindsey Weber works for BuzzFeed. She wishes people would recognize the Internet is about more than cats.
  4. Audrey Gray is at American Express. She quit Facebook a year ago.
  5. Amy Vernon is me. I am I. I'm the Bacon Queen and am a recovering journalist.
  6. Shane Snow is founder of Contently. He also has the best hair ever.
  7. Emily Miethner is community manager at RecordSetter. She's also founder of NY Creative Interns and the best moderator in the history of ever.
  8. Look! It's us!
  9. People started checking in on Foursquare, telling people where they were and all that sorta stuffs. We were at the Sheraton Austin. Which was kind of a schlep.