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"It's Dream Crushing"

Check out A2J co-founder, Amy Kishek, featured in the Globe & Mail speaking to her 'dream crushing' law school debt.


  1. Exorbitant law school debts plague Ontario law students. Yet as students we are often told not to worry about our debt.

  2. “Everything turned out fine for me when I graduated law school”.
    “Just wait. You’ll pay it off. It’s not so bad”.
    “You can’t possibly owe that much!”
  3. We need a frank and public discussion about how much today’s students owe. We cannot be shy or embarrassed by our debts. We need to demonstrate clearly that we will not sit by as interest mounts and tuition fees climb.
  4. This is why I chose to speak out in video feature with the Globe and Mail this past May.
  5. Here's what followed on Twitter #DebtBinge: