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LCC protest at fatal Bank Junction

On Wednesday 24 June, hundreds of cyclists gathered at Bank junction in the City of London to pay tribute to Ying Tao, the 26 year old cyclist killed by a tipper truck at the junction on Monday, and Clifton James, the cyclist killed in Harrow on Sunday evening.


  1. The protest, organised by the London Cycling Campaign under the Space for Cycling banner, called for reduced road danger especially at extremely hazardous junctions like Bank and called for the removal of lethal lorries.
  2. Hundreds of LCC supporters turned out to pay their respects and demand safe #space4cycling across London
  3. LCC protest will be followed by a vigil and die-in at the same location by Stop Killing Cyclists on Monday 29th June at 5.30pm Full Details here: 
  4. Passers-by were very supportive. Many had seen the tragic crash on Monday.
  5. LCC believe that three things really need to change....

    The first is a complete redesign of major junctions to create safe space for cycling.
  6. Second, high quality cycling lanes that physically separate cyclists from motor vehicles (but which are wide enough for the faster commuter cyclist to overtake others) should be the norm on main roads.
  7. Third, only the best equipped HGVs should be allowed on London’s streets.
  8. Read more about what safer urban lorries should look like and what needs to change to reduce the danger they pose on our streets to cyclists and pedestrians......
  9. Chief Executive Ashok Sinha talks to City AM about what must be done to stop cycling casualties...