Eighth grader designs a standardized test which "slams" NYS standardized tests.

A 13-year-old student named Sophia Stevens has decided that taking NYS standardized tests are "impractical" on the basis that maybe a student is just a bad test-taker; or they are just having a bad day. So she designed a standardized test making fun of standardized tests.


  1. But NYS is not the only place where students AND parents have a problem with standardized tests. Take a look at this tweet regarding Illinois and the disapproval of standardized testing as a way to mark a student's intelligence.

  2. This Facebook post, although not exactly about NYS standardized testing, suggests that children are nervous for a test that they don't even know what the test is named. Parents everywhere are having a hard time trying to explain to young children for what reason they are taking these tests because it does not show value of who they are as people, who they are taught by, or how a teacher will only be evaluated by this standard test these children have to take. 
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  4. Oklahoma State University professor Bob Sternberg speaks about standardized testing in the present and group IQ tests in the past when he grew up. He explains that becoming a good student is having a teacher that expects you to be a good student as well. IQ tests actually made sense when they first started in the 1900s because they were not as diverse cultures as there are now. It does have to do with being creative and adapting to different situations because the world is changing so quickly, regarding economic or intimate relationships and must have analytical, practical, and ethically diverse skills. These standardized tests don't test these skills because of the static state of how we test individuals based on the beginning of this country's decision to have standardized tests.
  5. None of the Above - Why Standardized Testing Fails: Bob Sternberg at TEDxOStateU
  6. This video compares standardized testing to the Hunger Games movie as a way to show that all they have ever learned will be tested on one test and is merely impossible because there is so much information. This video shows the hard studying and knowing multiple things and being creative at the same time. These young children feel that this will determine their whole life and although this is exaggerated, it is how children feel inside before they take the test.
  7. HUNGER GAMES Standardized Testing Version
  8. Ugh. FCAT's today. Good Luck Everyone!
    Ugh. FCAT's today. Good Luck Everyone!
  9. Okay, so what exactly is a standardized test? Hmmm...
  10. The story of Sophia Stevens first broke on the Washington Post website. Her joke became a serious matter and raised questions on how other children and parents feel about standardized tests, not only in New York State but in other states and how they may differ. The main idea here is, what do standardized test really test and is it helpful for anybody; the teacher, the student or the parent? Who is really here to say that numbers or memory skills measure intelligence?