Chromatic Santour: Kourosh Zolani and his unique instrument of peace

In my musical travels I met a extraordinary man named Kourosh who grew up in a small village in Iran and chose to bring the native Santur into the modern chromatic scale, bringing traditional Persian music into modern places. Go see him in Los Angeles if you get a chance!


  1. I grabbed this shot of Kourosh playing his unique instrument at the Westwood Library in Los Angeles this April. He is playing three more library shows throughout Los Angeles:

    Saturday, April 27, 2013 
    Venice Library - 4:00PM

    Saturday, May 18, 2013 
    Brentwood Library - 3:00PM

    Saturday, July 20, 2013 
    Palisades Library - 3:00PM

  2. This is an old Persian Santur. Below you can see a video of the Behrad & Zolani Santour and how the tuning differs.
  3. Kourosh writes music reminiscent of his Persian roots and dreams as a youth.
  4. Kourosh Zolani - "Memoirs of Sangesar" for Santour and orchestra
  5. Homayoun Khosravi interviews Kourosh Zolani & Mohssen Behrad on Ziafat
  6. Kourosh Zolani: Butterflies (played on hammered dulcimer)
  7. He has been interviewed by leading music departments, radio channels and composers around the world. For more on living as a Persian musician and composer in America, watch these interviews from Voice of America.
  8. Kourosh Zolani on Voice of America- Part 1/2
  9. Kourosh Zolani on Voice of America- Part 2/2