Standing Their Ground - Forced Evictions in China

On 11 October 2012, Amnesty International launched a report on forced evictions in China from our Asia Pacific Regional Office in Hong Kong. Here is the story of how the report was launched and then covered in international news media.


  1. 'Standing their ground: Thousands face violent eviction in China'   - Launched 11 October 2012. 
  2. This page with our press release, the video and the report had nearly 2500 unique views in the first days after the launch.
  3. Chinese residents fight for their rights
  4. Nicola Duckworth, Senior Director of Research for Amnesty International was our key media spokesperson.
  5. Forced evictions in China on the rise: Amnesty International
  6. Journalists from local and international news outlets attended the press conference for the launch of the report held at the Foreign Correspondents Club, Hong Kong. 
  7. Before people had even left the press conference - stories about the report starting appearing on the international news wires:
  8.                                            AFP
  9.                                           AP
  10.                                           Reuters
  11. Coverage of the report also started to appear online as soon as the embargo lifted...