22 September 2012: Global day of action to stop segregation and forced evictions of Roma in Italy!

Roma men, women and children across Italy are being forced to leave their homes, often without any offer of alternative accommodation and in many cases they end up homeless. Other times, they are re-housed in isolated camps. The end result is simply segregation.


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  3. Italy’s Prime Minister, Mario Monti, must take responsibility for the human rights violations suffered by Roma in Italy, and act swiftly to stop them.
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  5. Marius is 16. In one year, he has been evicted from his home eight times. The first time his home was bulldozed before he even had a chance to pack his suitcase. Marius lost everything - cards, identification documents, pictures, toys…

    The only thing he was able to take were his shoes.

    Imagine you were evicted from your home and lost everything like Marius. What one thing would you take?

    Upload a picture of yourself with the one thing you would take and tell us why everybody needs it to make their house a home.

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  10. On 6 September, Jeremiah Makori, an activist who lives in the informal settlement of Deep Sea in Nairobi, Kenya, visited the Tor de' Cenci camp, on the outskirts of Rome, Italy, where Roma are at risk of imminent forced eviction.
    This video features a double interview with both Jeremiah Makori and Ferid Sejdic, spokesperson of the Roma community living in Tor de' Cenci
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  12. Our September/October edition of The Wire is now out and includes a focus on Forced Evictions of Roma people in Italy
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