From Keynotopia to Axutopia

Axutopia is the largest collection of Axure RP widget libraries for prototyping iPhone, iPad, Android, Web and desktop apps


  1. Two years ago, we launched Keynotopia: a collection of UI templates for creating mobile and web prototypes using Keynote and PowerPoint.

  2. We had no idea it would become so viral and useful for thousands of designers and entrepreneurs around the world...

  3. And many customers who used Keynotopia in their personal projects kept asking for similar templates for their day job to use with Axure RP.

    Since we love our users, we created Axutopia
  4. Axutopia - Axure Widgets Libraries
  5. And our customers are now loving us even more...

  6. Sometimes it's still hard to believe that such great business started as a simple blog post...

  7. How to make an iPad app prototype in 30 minutes with Apple Keynote
  8. It's been lots of fun. And the best part is: we're just getting started :)