Twitter Scavenger Hunt: Spring 2014#JRMC202

Here's my side of the story as a student in Professor Kim Fox's scavenger hunt at the American University in Cairo (AUC).


  1. We rushed to class on February 26, anxious to discover our surprise in-class task. And there it was! We had an hour and 15 minutes to tweet responses to 10 questions as professionally as possible.
  2. Q1: Ask a professor what they think the role social media plays in social change.

  3. It was a definitely lucky start. Guess who passed by as we were skimming through the questions? The Journalism and Mass Communication Department chair!
  4. Q2: Ask a student where they get their news and if they use social media to keep up on the news.

  5. That was an easy one, considering there are over 6,000 students at AUC.
  6. Q3: Academic excellence: How AUC contributes to cutting edge research and/or learning.

  7. Q4:  Photo and quote of something you think many people might not know about AUC/our campus.

  8. If all students left campus using buses, there will be over 75 people per bus!
  9. This is another fact that I had no idea about. It feels great to get into the investigative journalist mode!
  10. Here's a little-known fact that made me smile. Mr. Fawzy always makes my day!
  11. Q5:  Extra curricular extravaganza ::  a photo and quote that exemplifies some of the huge variety of clubs, organizations, etc. available to students at AUC.

  12. There are dozens of clubs at AUC. These are just a few.
  13. Although there are numerous clubs at AUC, they are different than clubs at other universities. The tweet below sparked this thought.
  14. Q6: A photo and quote from somebody about AUC sports teams or the sports facilities.

  15. Just as we were wondering how long it would take to walk to the gym, this gentleman passed across us.