Get Free American Express Prepaid Gift Cards Online AmEx Promotional Codes

Are you looking for free American Express prepaid gift cards ? I found this great gift card blog that right now has a Amex promotional giveaway, where you can get lots of card codes free!


  1. I never really knew about offers like this until recently, there really are websites out there offering totally free promotional giveaways. Like all you have to do is submit a little info or fill out a survey maybe at most, but other than that it is totally free. There are a lot of big companies out there promoting stuff like this, and one of the biggest is the American Express promotions, which happens to be some of the best. 

    Who would not want a prepaid gift card? And that is exactly what you will get, if you complete this free offer. I did this offer about a month ago and got a $100 gift card from them in the mail, but also you could get digital gift cards where they send you the card code in a email, which is find too. I think the amount of the gift card can vary some, like a friend of mine did this offer after me once I told him about it, and he got a $50 gift card, but really who can complain ? 

    So yeah go ahead and do this offer while you can, I'm not sure how long it will last, and actually I think you can complete this offer multiple times, but use unique emails every time.

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