American Graduate Day

Public Media launched the first-ever AMERICAN GRADUATE DAY on September 22, 2012. The multi-platform event featured local and national programming, partners, and celebrities focused on improving high school graduation rates in America.

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  1. 2012 American Graduate Day Highlights
  2. CPB President and CEO Pat Harrison and Co-Chair of Grad Nation, America's Promise Alliance Michael Powell kicked off the broadcast with PBS NewsHour senior correspondent Ray Suarez. APA's Grad Nation and American Graduate are teaming together to motivate Americans to take action and help raise graduation rates.
  3. American Graduate Day 2012
  4. The event featured 20 national partner organizations along with celebrities and athletes to spotlight solutions to the nation’s dropout crisis in which one in four students do not finish high school. These participants joined in the real-time conversation with viewers and public media.
  5. Jumpstart: A Catalyst for Change
  6. American GRADUATE Let's make it happen - After-School All-Stars
  7. Viewers were able to participate in the American Graduate Day broadcast by asking questions and sharing ideas before and during the broadcast on Twitter using the #AmGrad hashtag and on Facebook. On Sept. 22 alone, the #amgrad hashtag reached over 3 million people.