Jim Henson puppets join @amhistorymuseum

On the anniversary of Jim Henson's birthday, the National Museum of American History received a donation of more than 20 Henson puppets and props. See some of the new additions in a display case in November!

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  1. What could our new donation be? We have some savvy followers...
  2. Pop quiz for children of the 1980s! A piece of 1980s pop culture is joining the collection tomorrow. Can you guess what it is from this clue? We'll share another clue this evening. #1980s #nostalgia
  3. Objects from a 1980s television show join our collection tomorrow—this is an extreme close-up of one of them. Can you guess which show the objects are from? We'll share the answer in an hour. Hint: the theme song always got stuck in your head.
  4. Our social media followers love Fraggle Rock!
  5. Exciting news! Puppets from "Fraggle Rock" are joining our collection, including Boober Fraggle, Traveling Matt, and Red Fraggle. The show aired from 1983-1987. "Dance your cares away / Worry's for another day. / Let the music play / Down at Fraggle Rock." Also in the photo: Wilkins, a puppet created by Jim Henson in 1957 for a Wilkins Coffee commercial. #retro #nostalgia #fragglerock
  6. Not only Fraggle Rock--more than 20 Henson puppets are joining the museum!