Earth and Space Science 101: Securing the Nation and Expanding Frontiers

A recap of the House Earth and Space Science Caucus's first event of the 115th Congress.


  1. Our Democratic Co-Chair Jared Polis (CO-2) opened the briefing by talking about the importance of funding Earth and space science and the value of these sciences to society.
  2. Thanks to Rachel E. Gross from Smithsonian Magazine for moderating our first briefing! Rachel highlighted some of the innovations derived from Earth and space science, including: freeze dried foods, cataract detection, speedos, memory foam, and artificial limbs.
  3. Our first speaker was Roderick Eggert from Colorado School of Mines and the Critical Minerals Institute. Dr. Eggert's talk "Critical Elements: Vitamins of Modern Technologies," focused on three key points: (1) Modern engineered materials are becoming increasingly complex; (2) Complexity begets vulnerability; and finally (3) We should pay attention to our demand for these materials,not panic about low supply.
  4. Our second speaker was Jamison Hawkins, from Lockheed Martin, who's talk focused on "GOES-R Satellites: Regional Value of Earth Observations from NOAA's New Weather Sentinels."
  5. Our final speaker, Alan Boss from the Carnegie Institute of Science dicussed "Exoplanets: Looking for Earth 2.0."
  6. View the briefing on AGU's Facebook page. Check out for more information about the caucus.