@AGU_SciComm rocur takeover - Shane

AGU's Sharing Science program recently launched a Twitter account and they'll feature scientists on a segment entitled #SharingSciFri. To kick it off, AGU's own Shane Hanlon did a sprint version of a scicomm workshop.


  1. In addition to working in the Sharing Science program at AGU, Shane also produces/co-hosts a branch of the science storytelling organization The Story Collider (pic below, storycollider.org).
  2. We wanted to give credit where credit was due!
  3. This is the beginning of an engagement guide that we're putting together. Stay tuned!
  4. If you like scicomm, please join the Sharing Science network! All types of opportunities and support to help you share your science.
  5. Had to give a shout out to our policy folks.
  6. We love helping fellow scientists communicate their messages, and we especially love doing it in person at our workshops!
  7. After introductions, next came the challenge of distilling a full-day workshop into a handful of tweets.
  8. If you're wondering, "Well, what goes into a Sharing Sciece workshop?", here you go:
  9. SciComm is important for many reasons. One is that it raises the awareness of scientists in our daily lives and humanizes an all-too-often misunderstood segment of the population.
  10. People trust us!
  11. It's important to remember that you're likely an expert in more than you give yourself credit for.
  12. First things first - when you decide that you want to engage, figure out who you want to engage with.