@AGU_SciComm rocur takeover -Heidi Steltzer

Dr. Heidi Steltzer, mountain and Arctic expert and explorer and associate professor at Fort Lewis College, took over our account to talk #sciengage on #climatechange, #sciart, and more!


  1. Do you want to take over our Twitter? Sign up today! t.co/GPkxB1zcdE
  2. Heidi was part of an awesome symposium: tinyurl.com/mpd58oe
  3. She had some great suggestions for science-art partnerships.
  4. She's super busy with many #sciengage opportunities.
  5. She gave a shout out to one of our recent blog posts on the importance of listening in #scicomm.
  6. And shed some light on the need for scientists to #sciengage.
  7. We want to thank her for the shout out and encourage others to join!
  8. She provided some suggestions on how to #sciengage.