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Is "UNLV getting the shaft" in state dollar fight?

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  1. During Friday's hearing, Nevada System of Higher Education Chairman Dan Klaich was under the rhetorical gun from Assemblyman Andy Eisen, D-Las Vegas, and Horne was cheering him on. 
  2. Geddes, also watching the hearing, disputed the claim. 
  3. Geddes is right. Over the next two years, the four northern schools lose $12.8 million in both fiscal year 2014 and fiscal year 2015 and the three southern schools basically receive that money from the North (according to the Nevada System of Higher Education: check out the numbers in Appendix C). University of Nevada, Las Vegas gets $1,016,520, College of Southern Nevada gets $8,192,851, and Nevada State College gets $3,594,757.
    Why does CSN get the lion's share?
    "Historically, CSN has been the most underfunded institution in the system," Klaich said in an interview with the Sun. 
  4. Let's check out a different budget chart. In the governor's gargantuan budget, M-200 is a bureaucratic account number. It shows UNLV losing $4,547,754 and CSN losing $2,984,358. UNR gains $7,647,304.  
    (Check it out here. The relevant pages are 878, 907 and 942.)
    But Klaich said in an interview with the Sun that the M-200 line is just one line in a bigger budget that ultimately gives CSN and UNLV more money and UNR less.  
  5. One of the big questions is how fast the $12.8 million per year moves from North to South. Gov. Brian Sandoval says: give $1 million to northern institutions each year to lessen the fiscal blow and then phase-in the transfer over three years. A legislative interim committee recommended giving the full $12.8 million per year to southern schools immediately, and spend $12.8 million in new money for northern schools to smooth over the transition. 
    Either way, the South wins. 
    "They're getting more revenue. It's a matter of how quickly," Geddes said in an interview with the Sun. 
    Sandoval says: slowly over three years.
    Legislative committee says: NOW. 

  6. UNR loses $2,963,187 by NSHE's predictions. 
  7. Again, it's a matter of moving slowly versus moving quickly. $12.8 million for Southern Nevada this year means also spending $12.8 million in new money to "hold harmless" -- or not cut -- Northern Nevada institutions for two years. 
  8. Geddes had asked "How do we give more money to research institutions [like UNR] without new money?" Many Republicans in rural and Northern Nevada have said they do not support new taxes or spending. 
  9. (Geddes was a Republican Assemblyman from 2002-2004 who voted for taxes in 2003.)