Robert Baylor

I'm a political writer living in N. Virginia.My dream job:a communications or museum job in London or Wiltshire, UK. #WW1 historian, industrial artist, QPR fan.

Sarah Everett

Conservative w/ strong Libertarian leaning, accountant, writer, horticulturist. Too old to sweat the small stuff, but young enough to dream big.

David Tankersley

Robot hand fabricator (prosthetics). Wife (28) & two kids (1 & 3). Big government libertarian.

Marat Mustafin

Мы сразу поняли, что хотим быть в оппозиции: против The Moscow Times, против Клинтона, против неолиберализма

Nathan Goodman

Prison abolitionist, feminist, left market anarchist, anti-imperialist, aspie, queer, math nerd, tuba player. I write for @c4ssdotorg

Jeff Peterson

Subject Matter Specialist


W.R. 'Russ' Greene


City Journal

A quarterly magazine of urban affairs, published by the Manhattan Institute, edited by Brian C. Anderson.

Endless Dan Moore

Baseball at @mademdashes. Least important Fangamer employee.

Alternative Economics

Alternative Economics is about redefining economic theory starting from the initial question of what economics today is..




David Nyström

Father of two, PhD in Church History, tweets (mostly) in Swedish.