Hilfe gegen Kater

Auf meiner Webseite findest du schnelle Hilfe gegen einen Kater. Und wie du für das nächste mal einen Kater richtig vorbeugen kannst. Schaue einfach mal vorbei.

Foggy Anabasis🤔

Slavic pessimism with nicotine gum. I work in product security but tweet about everything. Trying to quit smoking so can be cranky.

Jeremy Appel

Freelance journalist. Master of American Studies @westernu.

Owner of https://t.co/hR457dbRSI. Foreign Policy & Political Affairs. Realist | Common Sense. Usual caveats apply.

Sterling D.

Whole-brain thinker HBDI 1112. Married over 22 yrs w/ 1kid left in college. KC born & raised. #ForeverRoyal #chiefskingdom #rockchalk @atlhawks

Sarah Harvard

I am a journalist. Intern now. I've been published places. To my parents disappointment, I'm not a doctor. Opinions are mine. No one elses.

Robert Baylor

I'm a political writer living in N. Virginia.My dream job:a communications or museum job in London or Wiltshire, UK. #WW1 historian, industrial artist, QPR fan.

David Tankersley

Robot hand fabricator (prosthetics). Wife (28) & two kids (1 & 3). Big government libertarian.

Marat Mustafin

Мы сразу поняли, что хотим быть в оппозиции: против The Moscow Times, против Клинтона, против неолиберализма

Nathan Goodman

Prison abolitionist, feminist, left market anarchist, anti-imperialist, aspie, queer, math nerd, tuba player. I write for @c4ssdotorg

Jeff Peterson

Subject Matter Specialist

Propane Jane

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Doctor. Christian. Longhorn. Liberal. Democrat. Activist. Scorpio. Recycler. Politics Junkie. Proverbial Firestarter.

W.R. 'Russ' Greene