#Tomkotember - Mike and Tabitha Get Married - 9/15/12

Once upon a time, a prince and princess each had trouble sleeping. Both took to Twitter to alleviate their insomnia, and they accidentally found one another. 1 1/2 years later, they invited their Twitter friends to their livetweeted wedding. This is Mike and Tabitha Tomko's story. I <3 you guys.

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  1. The Rehearsal
    The wedding party had their moves down to a science, thanks to a Friday night rehearsal at the Campbell House Museum in downtown St. Louis. Assistant Director @stlshelley ensured that every aspect of @michaeltomko and @tabithakmeyer's wedding the following day would be perfect.
  2. Wedding Morning
    . @michaeltomko and @tabithakmeyer were eager to start their wedding day and remind friends to livetweet and follow the event at #tomkotember. The good wishes came flooding in - including from St. Louis' own mayor.
  3. To he who has graced the stage with us multiple times for AUCW and many other shows, Mr. Michael Tomko weds the beautiful Tabitha Meyer today. Encore!
  4. Before the Ceremony
    . @Rizzotees, the couple's friend and wedding officiant, updated Twitter on behind-the-scenes happenings, while The Tomkos' other friends excitedly began their pre-wedding livetweeting and obvious modeling careers.