The Curious Case of Apple Retail Specialist Sam Sung

This morning I came across a tweet from Brian Wong pointing out a link to a LinkedIn profile of one Sam Sung, Apple Retail Specialist, based in Vancouver, Canada. A case of cat and mouse ensued, presumably as Sam Sung found out that he's been outed and Apple might not want the humorous publicity.


  1. This tweet showed up on my timeline courtesy of a retweet from @wolwol on Sunday morning.
  2. Naturally, this is a conversation I imagine happen relatively often with Mr. Sung.
  3. David, a partner at my company's incubator saw something different. The name of the profile had been changed to Tony Sung.
  4. But my screen shot says otherwise.
  5. The profile had indeed been changed and some references to Apple had been removed, but not all. All other details had remained unchanged.
  6. That tweet above would have been the end of it before this next tweet showed up on my timeline.