Theatres' connections during a downward economy

A look at how playhouses and performance centers use social media to expand their audience during an economic dip.


  1. Theatres send out tweets for free tickets/offers and let their audience know when tickets go on sale. 
  2. Catch the best seat in the house with a 3D seating plan online. Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Nashville, Tenn.
  3. Imperial Theatre, New York, New York. 
  4. Announcements via Twitter and Facebook 
  5. Tennessee Performing Arts Center's "The Addams Family" video gave audiences a preview of what to expect. *Snap snap*
  6. The Addams Family // 2011-12 Broadway Season
  7. "Billy Elliot" connected on FourSquare offering Newbie specials and discounts. Audience members gave reviews and posted pictures when they "checked in". 
  8. Dancers, actors, performers connect with their fans, enticing them to shows. 
  9. Theatres give audience backstage pass without the high prices by posting backstage videos of some popular Broadway shows. 
  10. BACKSTAGE @ Spring Awakening on Broadway!
  11. In turn, audience members share their point of view and wish their Broadway stars good luck. 
  12. Enough said. #qpac #marypoppins #brisbane #instagram #theatre #broadway #musical #childhood #love
    Enough said. #qpac #marypoppins #brisbane #instagram #theatre #broadway #musical #childhood #love