From Lambert to O'Hare: #dsmobile

This string of live tweets and Foursquare check-ins makes up my "#dsmobile" assignment for Digital Storytelling, in which we had to report any event from our cell phones. I chronicled my journey back to Chicago from St. Louis with my little Blackberry. Enjoy.


  1. I was originally supposed to take the Amtrak to and from St. Louis for Thanksgiving. Alas, an unfortunate string of events (that turned out to be quite fortunate, actually) led me to miss my outbound train Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. My dad is a pilot for American Airlines, so I am fortunate enough to fly for for free (only until I turn 23, what a bummer). However, with the holiday, we assumed all of the flights would be pretty booked, and hanging out at the airport is no fun, so I decided to get train tickets. A 6 a.m. flight out of O'Hare last Wednesday and an 11:05 flight back to Chicago on Sunday both had open seats, so I was able to refund my Amtrak tickets (minus 10 percent - oh well) and fly ... a much better form of transportation!
  2. For your entertainment, here is the scene that played through my head as I sat in the exit isle. Although I too "choke under pressure" like Larry in athletic situations, I'm quite comfortable with flying and handled the exit row responsibilities with grace and poise (although I probably would have said "yes" if the flight attendant had offered me Merlot). 
  3. Curb Your Enthusiasm - Airplane Emergency Exit
  4. This article on Courtney Love and her personal and financial woes was probably the most interesting thing I read during my quick hour in the sky.
  5. A lot of my friends from home follow me on Twitter, so I put out a warning/sorry tweet about the probably obnoxious quality of my constant airport tweets. However - it seems not everyone was annoyed ... digital storytelling success!