Paid Social Ads

In August, Social Media Club Los Angeles was very fortunate to offer two different event opportunities to learn with Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer, and Logan Young, Vice President, Strategy, at BlitzMetrics,


  1. EVENT Tuesday, August 22 : Paid Social Advertising
    Looking to advance your Facebook ad strategies? Want to learn how to build an audience funnel that you can *actually* follow with social paid ads? Learn from the masters who currently manage the Golden State Warriors social accounts!
    Join us Tuesday night for a deep dive into Paid Social Advertising, where you can learn from Dennis and Logan, known for their dollar a day and 1-minute video Facebook advertising techniques.
  2. WORKSHOP Wednesday, August 23 : Growing and Managing your Social Agency Step-by-Step
    Whether you are a solo consultant or an agency looking to tune your operations, "repeatable excellence" is something we all seek. In this exclusive, hands-on workshop, we'll help you build your inbound lead flow (no need to cold call again) via the LIGHTHOUSE client method, tune your offering (establish packages of what you do and DON'T do, with checklists and referral partners), find, hire, manage, and develop your staff (arguably, the biggest challenge of any business), price your offerings competitively (which usually means charging way more), and get your own social presence in order-- website, FB page, plumbing, ads account, etc-- (the cobbler's son has no shoes).