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alraqeem trademark registration services


  1. in our day today life we are all doing trademark registration. especially business owners and other kind of big business running owners.
  2. alraqeem company is provides good intellectual property services like
  3. trademark registration
  4. patent registration
  5. copyright registration
  6. we are handling business name registration,company logo registration,brand name registration etc,,,
  7. if you are searching to register your company logo,brand name,business name registration services
  8. contact al raqeem trademark registration services,,,
  9. we are 24/7 supporter helps you to manage your trademark registration stuffs with in our company.
  10. trademark registration process are :
  11. if you want to register your business logo
  12. first submit these documents with us
  13. your business name
  14. business logo design and png format pic.
  15. business owner details
  16. business address
  17. we will register your logo from theft..
  18. if you register your logo anyone can't use your logo without your permission.
  19. legal act..
  20. for more contact us and touch with a trademark registration officer,
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