Somali Proverb's are gaining popularity on Social Media

Lately, more and more people are tweeting and posting Somali proverbs. We' have compiled some of them here to show you how diverse the users are and how variant the proverbs are as well.


  1. "You won't live forever so leave a legacy" - ‪Somali #Proverb
  2. What's a Somali Proverb?

  3. Lets kick off on what Somali Proverbs (Maah Maah) are. Somali Proverbs are sayings that give a general truth. Watch the video below to best understand several different proverbs.
  4. Integration TV: Somali Proverbs (Maah Maah)
  5. Why are they becoming popular?

  6. Somali Proverbs are versatile, intelligent, and edgy advises. They are intriguing and cross nationalities. Most importantly they are enduring and have an old world to modern day significance. Below are examples from the Inter-web.
  7. somali proverb 'Nabad Lahela Caana ama caano Lahela'
  8. Wisdom does not come overnight. ~ Somali proverb
  9. Today’s #African #proverb: The locust flies away but leaves hardship behind. A #Somali proverb sent ...
  10. Today’s #African #proverb: It is easy for an elderly lady who is sitting to judge a tough wrestling ...
  11. Today’s #African #proverb: The best bed a man can sleep on is peace. A #Somali proverb sent by Shafi'i...