Graphically Inclined Individual Seeks Independence

The beginning journey toward a self-sustainable, freelance graphic design business


  1. In my current life transition, I realized how important creating is to my soul. Professional independence is also something for which I value highly, especially after years of working under sub-ideal conditions. The value of life, I learned recently, is worth more than just an 8 hour work day, struggling to find enthusiasm in a mundane position. In as much as I need the stability of a "real job", I am working toward full-time freelancing. So, let's go!
  2. I'm grateful today to be going in a new direction! I'm tempted to feel intimidated and anxious, but I wanted this, so I'm going to be super brave. I can do this. #100DaysOfGratitude #Day10
    I'm grateful today to be going in a new direction! I'm tempted to feel intimidated and anxious, but I wanted this, so I'm going to be super brave. I can do this. #100DaysOfGratitude #Day10

  3. Congrats, Crystal, you decided you want to be a freelance graphic designer! Now, what happens? So many questions, so many ideas, so many things to know and decide before it's time to take the plunge. Maybe it is a good idea I check out what others have going on...
  4. This is a wonderful resource for blogs that provide inspiration, resources, training, and support for my new journey. It makes me feel a tad more secure in my journey, as I am not the first, or the last to do this, and, the wealth of information provided just in these blogs will give me a great starting point.

  5. This article has some great tips that I already subscribe to in my transition from part-time freelancer to full-time. However, it also helps me decide what my area of focus will be, as I have experience in many facets of design. This article is a part of a broader series entitled, "Guide to Freelancing", which I should definitely bookmark.

  6. How to Become a Freelance Graphic Designer
  7. Sometimes, it is good to hear how other's freelance and how they got their start. I think these videos help with that audio perspective.
  8. Graphic Life: How To Become a Freelance or Contract Designer

  9. Now that a decision has been made, the next logical step is to find work, while sustaining yourself financially. Though there are many resources available to helping find work, one of my go to sites for graphic designers is Behance, via Adobe. Behance is a wonderful site focused on showcasing graphic design work (created using the Adobe Creative Suite). Its purpose is to act as a portfolio for artists, connect artists, provide inspiration, and announce job and freelance opportunities. Though many of these opportunities may be for more established designers, the job opportunities are still beneficial because it allows an artist a guideline for what is being required of designers. Also, it acts a tool for those to showcase their work, particularly without the need to develop and maintain a website.
  10. I like the idea of a tweet offering design services. Though it may be overly simple, it may provide just enough information to entice a potential client to RT, DM, or visit the short link for more information. Either way, the tweet must be carefully crafted to catch the attention of followers and must be tweeted in a regular and consistent manner, so that it is not underutilized and does not oversaturate the newsfeed.

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  12. One thing that I must always remember is to never stop honing my craft. With so many programs, platforms, trends, and technology upgrades, this will be something that must be included in all daily activities. If I don't know the newest skill, who will ever want to hire me?
  13. I made some words for today
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    I made some words for today #issues #band #quotes #typography #art #graphic #design #artworkforsale #artwork #designforsale #mintees #zackybearz #behance #vegan #macbethclothing #clothingdesigner #apparel #oldschool #fonttype #designtip #musician #Rapper #music #brand #streetwear #denim #graphicdesigner