Overtures of 1812

Busy streets you never knew were named after heroes from one of America’s less remembered wars


  1. 1. Perry Street
    Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, who commanded the U.S. fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie, became famous for this post-Battle of Lake Erie dispatch: “We have met the enemy and he is ours.”
  2. 2. Ludlow Street
    August C. Ludlow was second-in-command on the USS Chesapeake during a battle with the HMS Shannon. It was Ludlow who heard Captain James Lawrence’s cry: “Don’t give up the ship.”
  3. 3. Leroy Street
    Jacob Le Roy ran a shipping company that made a killing because of the British blockade, though the street was named for him five years before the War of 1812 began.
  4. 4. Allen Street
    Captain William Henry Allen was the youngest commander of a ship during the war, was killed at 28 after being injured in battle.