Freelancers Anonymous Support Group: Conquering Your Freelance Fears

Helpful tips from ""The art, craft and business of freelancing" session at ScienceOnline 2013, moderated by Maggie Koerth-Baker (@maggiekb1) and Charles Choi (@cqchoi).


  1. As a freelancer, it's not uncommon to feel like else is on top of their shit, and you're not. Maggie and Charles kicked off the session by inviting us to share our fears in a safe environment, and offered the options to ask questions anonymously prior to the session. 
  2. Tip #1: Think of yourself as a business.
  3. Get rid of the notion that you are a writer "sitting in an artsy cafe". If you want to be taken seriously and succeed, first you need to take yourself seriously. This means drawing up a business plan. Yes, a business plan.
  4. Business plans allow you to set goals for yourself, figure out how you will get there, and check in on yourself to see if you're meeting those goals.
  5. Reassess your goals regularly and update your business plan..
  6. Tip #2: Freelancing can pay the bills.
  7. Diversity in your portfolio is also key to financial stability as a freelancer.
  8. Another way to think about diversity in your portfolio:
  9. Tip #3: Structure (and planning) is the key to getting things done.