Back Pains: What Commonly Cause Them?


  1. Back pain is a body condition that a lot of the people we know experience but many of these people don’t know what to do when they have it. Just like in any medical condition, the first step in healing it is learning about it and accurately pointing out its causes.

    There are many possible ways to treat your back pain like by using medication or warm and cold compress and you will need to learn what is causing your pain to be able to choose the right treatment. The more severe types may require you to see a back pain treatment waterford WI specialist but there are some that can be remedied by resting it for a few days.

    See if your back pain is caused by one or more of the following common causes.

    Strain on the muscle and the bones

    When a part of the body is subjected to an unusual amount of stress, it may become too stretched at one point and this may cause that area to become painful. Lifting heavy objects for example will not work well with the back especially if we lift with our backs and not with our legs.

    Physical activities like sports can also cause strain in the back if the body is engaged in it without the proper stretching exercises. Resting the affected area and using topical treatments and cold or warm compress will help lessen the pain and eventually let the body recover without professional help.

    Back bones that are broken

    If you fell or slipped and you landed on your behind, it is common to have back pains even if you didn’t break anything. You will know that the condition is more than just a strain because the pain is unbearable if it is a broken back. Professional help is needed to apply first aid and immobilize the affected area as soon as possible to make sure that the broken areas heal properly.

    In this type of back pain, you will need medications to alleviate the pain and professional help to align the broken bones to make it heal the right way. A physical and massage therapist waterford WI will also help in rehabilitating the affected area when it is healed.

    Physical conditions of the elderly

    Some common conditions for the elderly are osteoporosis and arthritis. Seeing a chiropractor waterford WI is the best option if your back pain is becoming chronic.