How @Twitter $TWTR launched its IPO #TwitterIPO

Select social media reactions in the run-up to the San Francisco-based social media giant's expected marketplace debut this week

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  1. Below: people protesting Twitter. Above: Twitter people enjoying the sun. #pointofview #twitter
  2. Just read the Twitter IPO prospectus. It's safe to say, according to their prospectus, they have no idea how they will turn a "fun sight" into a money making company. The IPO should open around $23-$25/share We will see, I expect a slight uptick through day 1 and into day 2, then a steep sell off, settling at about $10-$12/share My opinion? #BadInvestment
  3. If your not following the twitter ipo you should be. #twitteripo
  4. Looks like @cnbc jumped the gun there. But XX works for me. #TWTR