Tensions rise before possible #BARTstrike notice

Select posts across social media this week illustrate increasing regional concern about the prospect of a second, possibly protracted work stoppage for the San Francisco Bay Area transit district

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  1. By the time I get back Aug 5, there may be another #bartstrike #sfbart Luckily, I usually take a samtrans bus home #sfo
  2. Previously:
  3. Last week and over last weekend:
  4. Are you ready for a #BARTStrike? Or do you think #BART is going to negotiate in the next week? Does BART affect you here in Pittsburg / Bay Point, CA?
  5. Monday:
  6. Everyone has fingers crossed--Professor John Logan said “The dispute is not only about what happens between labor and management, but also about who is more successful in winning over public opinion” More #BARTstrike at the link