SOS: Save our Sriracha, social media users say

Across the Internet, fans of the popular condiment had been expectantly bracing for days in advance of state regulators' decision Wednesday to halt shipments from a Southern California factory through at least mid-January

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  1. Everybody say bye bye to sriracha they are shutting down #food #sriracha #sauce #hot #munchies
  2. Unbeknownst to myself the dim sum restaurant had been secretly feeding me Sriracha, I want to hate it but I can't. #dimsum #sriracha #vietnamese #dumplings
  3. I LOVE #Sriracha but there is NO way i'd pay that much... lol I'll figure out how to make my own. That's what #YouTube is for... lol
  4. ...forgot to mention yesterday's lunchtime excitement: i saw a server chase down a customer not b/c he didn't pay...but b/c he tried stealing a bottle of sriracha. what's next? seeing used bottles of sriracha popping up on craigslist?
  5. If you do not have Sriracha now, you might pick some up. Huy Fong says they are out of stock and unable to ship for at least a month! However will I survive? 
  6. This is a BIG problem for me! It's in a red&green bottle I'll need a massive supply for Christmas!
  7. Breakfast tacos for early dinner
  8. A shortage of Sriracha sauce means no pho for me! :(
  9. Sriracha is being held up by some bogus stunt by the California health department until mid January. Might want to buy an extra bottle today just in case.
  10. Dear Rosemead, CA, Sriracha is perfectly harmless...
  11. Are you stocking up on Sriracha? Here are 11 recipes to try using the hot sauce while you can still get it.
  12. To be safe, my fellow Sriracha lovers and loyalists, do what I will do: buy A LOT and STOCK UP just in case they cannot resolve this issue in a timely fashion. #TeamSriracha
  13. #Sriracha shortage? @PitaJungle doesn't know anything about it...
  14. I am not an obsessive-compulsive. I have no fetishes. But what is California doing creating a sriracha shortage? Food is not food without the red stuff!
  15. Getting ready for the #SRIRACHA apocalypse
  16. As my dear friend Kristy so eloquently stated: "If there is a God. Please don't let this happen. People of Irwindale, CA, there is nothing wrong with smelling like sriracha sauce. Or a little heartburn. Watery eyes.....Or whatever. Stop it."
  17. 12/12/13 @ 12pm..... Just had a customer in a panic because Sriracha might not be there soon, bought three jars of Sriracha and two jars of Ghost Pepper....she needs that spicy fix.